Miss Tomorrow

October 17, 2009
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This is to miss tomorrow,
i wish for her,
more than evening's sorrow,
thought of this women
brings much emotion,
if only she'd be attracted
to my type of devotion,
this is why
ive made such a notion,
to have her pay,
more attention to me,
than she does her lotion,
hoping this reacts like,
some sort of potion,

Getting to know you,
my sweet sugar pie,
was something great,
that i can not deny,
i really em' different,
and i would not lie,
it would also be alright,
if you decided to cry,
you should know,
i'd love to be that guy,
because when i look up,
your the brightest thing in the sky,

I once thought of,
giving you flowers,
but other people,
took that power,
now i think,
on this fine hour,
why do i always,
choose to just cower,
observing from,
some sort of locked tower,
i feel as if its,
milk with no flour,
when i look outside,
i only wish it to shower,
this thought,
to many people is very sour,
but you continue to chose,
those damn liars,
and this burns in me,
like a fire,

My sweet mary jane,
im a product of my experiences,
that is what made me what i became,
If only people realized,
this type of pain,
deep inside,
the inner part of the brain,
the feeling burns deep,
like some sort of flame,
i lost you,
and i have no one to blame,
if only i was,
a little more tame,
but for some reason,
ive always stayed the same,
living without any shame,
always in,
some sort of game,
it makes me,
want to just exclaim,
that im not just,
another one of those names,
i guess the reason,
is because i can be lame.

Late n

ights and evening stars,
when we would lay,
on top of my car,
laughing every kind of way,
you the cinderella,
and i some sort of stray,
the feelings i assure you will never,
die from day to day,
now i sit and wonder,
when will all this pay,
maybe some time,
in the upcoming may,
she'll be with me,
and never want to drift away,

When i look into the stars,
i cant think of anything but you,
When im sitting in my car,
i think about,
who you really are,
when you realize,
that it isnt hard,
to see that the others,
have just been retards,
im really the guy,
that will take you to mars,

When i see you,
it sends shivers up my spine,
i think of how,
we could be like corona and lime,
good times that we
have has been prime,
i would even,
give you my very last dime,
but like my dad said,
what is life if their isnt anything to climb,
so i sit here,
like some sort of mime,
not saying anything,
and just wasting time,

Perhaps im just lacking the skills,
that she needs,
maybe i should consider,
of how to really mislead?
oh how i'd rather,
be on her team,
as of now she lies down,
eyes barely peeking,
Not knowing anything,
as she is sleeping,

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Amanda123 said...
Oct. 21, 2009 at 11:03 pm
I love it!!!
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