I Carry with me Color

October 16, 2009
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I Carry With Me Color

If you stare at me long enough your eyes will burn hot ember

Until they burn into flaky cinders.

Cinders blown with the wind to the bag

Slung across my shoulder.

A bag the color of an artist’s palette

Filled with salmon pinks and indigo violets.

I carry with me colors for many different occasions,

And sometimes secrets.

My marigold yellows are for sunshiny days

And kids contagious laughter.

I carry with me streaks of burning cinnamon red

For lovers to embrace and ponder.

Sometimes deep within my rainbow bag splashes wet sea foam green

And blue for those in need of salty tears and a good cry.

You might ponder why I carry this palette of colors weighing me down

Day after day.

That is simple, Color defines us.

We carry colors with us every day,

Sometimes they weigh us down in murky umber black puddles,

Sometimes they lift us up to the lavender sky.

You ask me what I carry with me?

I carry with me all of your wasted color in my rainbow bag.

One day, these broken cinders will be ready

When you come back for them,

And that is when you will see your own colors

Floating around you.

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