October 15, 2009
By raychk03 BRONZE, Manhattan, Illinois
raychk03 BRONZE, Manhattan, Illinois
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Can’t bring yourself to the surface the bottom is to deep,
Sympathy your gaining mistakes you repeat,

Grasping for air you become tired with no sense of relief,
Nothing is worth it when there is no one by your side,

Force yourself to fake it drowning in a lie,
Buried in your troubles there is nothing I can do,

Every word I speak can’t phase, you,
Your anger suffocates happiness ahead,

I don’t have much to offer only words to be said,
A life so fragile you are willing to break,

This selfish act is a mistake,
Waking up becomes misery,

Dreams become mystery,
Stand still as the world moves,

Try to find a place for you,
Passion and pride brutally denied,

Ill tell you it will be ok,
That there is another way,

In fear that you won’t listen

The author's comments:
when a friend desides to confide in you and tell you they are considering suicide it is a scary feeling knowing that you are helpless there isn’t much you can say or do that will make them feel better about life this inspired me to write this between the lines you may find fear grief and worry

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