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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Time Warp

What are the '90s?

last year was "return of the '60s"
Parted hair, frosted lips and
     twiggy lashes
love beads circling necks
on top of
groovy tie-dyed miniskirts
          and go-go boots.

Now we're back
in the '70s, man
hippie headbands
hard to get over
humongous afros
tripping over your own bells
while dancing to a

I heard punk is
on its way
I can't wait to see
black leather jackets
over "Sex Pistols" shirts
metal spikes on wrists
chains on waists
and rings in eyes.

I hope to God that
     the '80s return ...
          Shiny pink bubblegum lips
               electric blue eyeshadow
                    and sticky hairspray
trapping everything under
a layer of artificial dew.
     Debbie Gibson Aaaaahhhhh!

So, what are the '90s?

by L. E., New City, NY

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