October 14, 2009
It was a dark, musty, silent night.
So silent you could hear the slightest piece of dust hit the ground
She squints, trying to see,
Trying to see the ghoulish figure through the fogged night air
Standing, copying her every move
Who could this be?
Inching closer and closer,
Lost, confused was her mind as she got closer
Suddenly, standing face to face
Images bombard, take over her minds capacity
Her heart races at a deadly pace
Vile, disgusting images wont leave her alone,
Trying to escape from all this horror
Struggling, trying to forget
Body sinks to the lowest point in hell,
Mind in complete and mind boggling fear,
Realizations hit like a speeding car,
She was seeing her own self
What she had become..
Overwhelmed, petrified,
Thrusts herself toward the ground
Shattering into a million unknown pieces
On that dark, musty, silent night she was never seen again due to…

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