Too Late MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Blood stains the pretty snow angels.
Exploding, the shells
tear fragileparchment babies
alone in the snow, a shoe remains
a grim reminder

Wandering in weary silence
Vacantly she stares
searchingfor a child
she prays for mercy
and curses those who watched insilence
a mother
In Sarajevo

A deathly grey pall hangs over thecity
where even the sky weeps,
In Sarajevo

Mingling rivulets sweepthe streets
swirling water, dirty red
Cleansing stones of bits offlesh
The rain beats down
In Sarajevo

Too late she cries with bittereyes
softly singing her baby to sleep
on her knees in the rain

The sun has set.
There will be no dawn
for thechildren
eternal Night
In Sarajevo.

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