October 9, 2009
By Honesty'sRevival SILVER, Alexander City, Alabama
Honesty'sRevival SILVER, Alexander City, Alabama
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I sit in my room
Thinking day and thinking night.
My mind growing like a desert bloom,
not going down without a fight.

I think about people
and the flaws that they have
like how the size of your steeple
defines you as good or bad

I think about my flaws
how I live in this world.
How do I survive at all,
in these times through which I'm hurled?

I know it's because of how I think.
And the way that I decide.
So I haul myself back from the brink,
and see my forever-flawed side.

But all these flaws, I do not mind.
I play my only cards.
Life's more fun when you're in a bind!
Life's more fun when it's hard.

I think still about those others
and the flaws that they might have.
But then these thoughts I try to cover,
for these thoughts I cannot stand.

It's not my part to judge you.
Rather the opposite, I say.
You will do what you will do
To live another day.

Is it your part to judge me?
You go by what you feel.
But does it help you to insult me,
'cause you can't learn to deal?

It is no one's part to judge,
not the holy or divine.
Through these lonely days I will still trudge
cause my mind is MY mind.

"Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn"
That's how the quote goes.
and if that's the way it's always been,
then no one's ever thrown a stone.

No one's ever perfect, no one will ever be.
No one yet unto this date.
Find me someone who thinks they'll be,
and them I'll heartily hate.

Whosoever wants to judge me,
can quickly go and die.
Who knows my flaws moreso than me?
Your kind is hated in my eyes.

You have every right to say what you want,
to that I will agree.
but if my friends and I you choose to haunt,
I won't let you run free.

For all the things that have now been,
you're the one that needs must stop.
For in life's ocean through which I swim,
you are but a drop.

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