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October 8, 2009
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It’s said equality is found through education
or is that merely a deception made by a modern corporation?

Peace can only result from war: More lies,
since war is where the desire for peace often dies.

You’re told you’re a hero if you die during incarceration,
all because it’s in the name of your so-called “righteous” nation.

Rather than ever being informed with the truth,
the world feeds us lies, starting in our youth.

You see, the real problem with the society’s foundation
is that it solely revolves around entertainment, recreation

Where the real heroes’ stories are gone with wind
and we pay more attention to those who have sinned

Throughout all of history, mankind practiced discrimination;
our actions were based on ignorance, a lack of information

How did we succumb to be so judgmental?
Through events - evolution? Or is it merely coincidental?

Perhaps our greatest fault results from poor communication
or, maybe even, with a drought of motivation.

From here on, in the efforts of postponing eventual insanity
we need to take a step forward: have passion towards all humanity.

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