I am What I am

October 2, 2009
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I Am What I Am Poem

I am sure of what I am
No confusion, neither
a need to change
I have many reasons to like who I am
But I can’t seem to love myself

I am not you
Being like everybody else is boring
No need to be just another copy
When you can be anybody

I am a hard worker
Getting things done is my priority
I don’t like anything to be half done
Neither unbegun

I am always stressed
Something is always bothering me
I sleep with worries
And wake up with weight on my shoulders

I am softball
No better sport to play
Always running bases
Hitting rbi’s and
Anybody will be scared to step on my base
Nothing stops me on the field

I am Flo
I am not huge, or small
My green eyes are real
I am a rare lightskinned Hispanic
There is nothing fake about me

I am the next hero
I will be heard of
I have the heart, which
Can get me anywhere

I am prepared
Anything that comes up I will overcome
Any obstacle I will succeed in
Nobody but myself can stop me

I am me
Never will I be in the need to change
You are you
And never will you be in the need to change

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