One Step At a Time

October 1, 2009
By VickyLynn SILVER, Burlington, Other
VickyLynn SILVER, Burlington, Other
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Favorite Quote:
she's standing on a line
between giving up and seeing
how much more she can take.

No matter what happens, no matter what it takes
I'm gonna keep going
And there's no way I'll stop for any breaks.
If I need some help along the way, will you be there to hold my hand?
If I turn the wrong direction, will you be there to pull me from the sinking sand?
I want you to be there for me if I were to ever fall,
It might sound like I want a lot, but I don't want that much at all.
I'm trying to do what is and what will be right for me
Some might not think so, but soon they will see.
I'm going to keep going and I will not stop
I'm going to keep going until I'm the one shining on top.
I won't ever tell myself that I'm not going to make it
I won't ever give up, I will not stop to sit
Until the day you realize that I'm doing good
I'm going to look back on how I got there and tell you that I knew I could.

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