October 1, 2009
By rhagset BRONZE, Houston, Texas
rhagset BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
be who you are not who you want to be

I close my eyes to darkness
I open my eyes to darkness
Nothing changes and it never will
But I lie down and fall into blissful slumber
And light over comes the darkness for in my dreams I rule
And what I rule is better then what the world is
I still don’t understand
Can someone explain?
What has this place come to?
Is the future any better?
I don’t know what to tell my children when they will ask what my youth was like
Can someone explain?
Why do we fight a losing battle, a pointless battle?
Will we still be fighting till the end of time?
I wonder if my grandkids will have to experience this destruction
I now know there is no answer to my question
For no one knows
No one can tell if we will have a better future
But I have my doubts
Because man is power hungry
And will always fight for what they say is a better tomorrow

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