Getting Published MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I've been waiting for this day,

And it finally came.

Teacher walks in with a smile

Carrying the large brown box.

I've been waiting for this box

Since last month.

But Teacher walks in and announces

Another name.

My hopes are not all shattered

He could have overlooked mine.

I flip through the thin pages

Making my fingertips black

And I realize he didn't.

I've prayed so hard,

Why this?

Then, as I sulk,

I overhear Teacher

Speaking to yet another student,


Do send it in,

And don't be discouraged

If it takes a long time."

The announcement banner

Is hanging for the

Published student.

Teacher's words enlighten me,

There is still hope,

It brings me out of my gloom.


I just have to wait another month.

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