The Pidgeons i Saved

September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

One fateful day
I stand in dismay
watching two birds
flutter away

I pick them up
and I see the line
holding the birds
from living their lives.

So i cut that string
and set them free
into the trees
and into the winds breeze

one flutters away
one falls to the water
I pick it up
and leave it to dry

as i leave all i hear
is thanking chirps
from the birds who saw
all that i'd done.

I come back the next day,
and do the routine,
and then as i leave,
i see, glowing in the day

as i leave,
flying away
were the pidgeons i saved
that fateful day.

The author's comments:
This was based on a true story and did actually happen when i went to a local park, and two pidgeons were attached to each other by a fishing line. i managed to cut them loose and let them free.

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