September 22, 2009
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It was my first time in Paris
I was standing under the Eiffel Tower
And that’s when I saw him
That’s when it all began…

Our eyes locked
In an unbreakable trance
It was like we had stopped the world
And for a moment in time
The frigid air grew hot and humid
My palms began to sweat
At the same time, I got goose bumps all over

Finally I looked away
For fear of blushing to hard
I could feel my face flush
And I knew I was the color of a fire truck

That’s when he began walking over to me…
And I began to panic
What would I say?
Would the words even come out right?

I started with hello
But he walked right past me
A smile plastered on his face

Wait a minute!?!?!?!

I turned around so fast
That I thought I’d get whip lash
But I got something worse than that
I saw him with another girl
They were kissing
And that’s when it hit me

He wasn’t staring at me
He was looking at her
So I turned around defeated
And casually strolled away

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