Stay With Me

September 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Walking along the white sand,
you sneak up behind me and take my hand.
I smile at you, you smile at me,
no words, just the crash of the sea.
The blue waters roll over our toes,
little minnows swim around in the shallows.
They swim around as we step away,
to leave them be, and let them play.

The colors of the sunset are brilliant displays,
Pink, orange and yellow in all different shades.
As the sun sets, the colors fade away,
the moon and stars end the day.

The warm sand grows cold and so does the air,
in my bag I get us a blanket to share.
The waves crashing is all that we hear,
I feel so safe when you're sitting so near.
At this moment I hope that you can see,
you and I together is how it should be.

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