Did You Ever Wish... MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Did you ever wish

You were who you aren't so

Who you like would like who you are

Even though

He should probably like

Who you aren't which is really

Who you are?

Me too.

Or did you ever, walking home, wish

So hard that who you like

Was following you that you kept having

To turn around

To make sure he wouldn't

Give you a heart attack when he came

And gave you a big hug

And kiss and offered to walk you home


You really knew he'd never

Do that because

He doesn't like you.

He likes who you aren't?

Me too.

Or did you ever wish

That you weren't so friendly so maybe

You'd have

Less friends and at least one


Me too.

Or did you ever see one of

Those beautiful girls who

All the guys

Love and just wish you could punch

Her lights out and tell

Her to share

But you couldn't

Because she's also one of those

Girls who all the GIRLS love?

Me too.

Or did you ever wish

That what our personalities to everyone in general

Are like would decide

What we look like

So that kind people

Would be beautiful

And mean people

Would be ugly.

That way, you could tell how

A person acts just by

Looking at them?

Me too.

Or did you ever wish

That the guy you like new everything

About you so

He'd dump who he's with now

And love you forever?

Me too.

Or did you ever wish

That everyone had the bravery to tell

Someone how much they like them

And the kindness to say,

"Well, I don't think of you

That way but I could try."

Even if they

Didn't mean it. Instead of laughing

In your face?

Me too.


It seems as though

None of my wishes ever comes true.

So I'm me

And no one ever follows me home.

And I'm friendly

And nice to pretty girls

And sometimes really nice people are ugly.

And we all have secrets.

And -

And ...

Ohmygosh! If the guy

I like is reading this, I'll just


He might laugh in my face.

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d.l.breaux said...
on Jul. 17 2011 at 9:22 pm
d.l.breaux, New Iberia, Louisiana
0 articles 0 photos 8 comments
Wow! This was really cute! I love the insight and thoughtfulness that has a comic feel. Great job!


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