The Cliffs Of Shalidah Lea MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   A couple of miles from town,

beyond where the cobble stones give way

to rolling green hills,

the air becomes thick

with the intoxicating scent of lavender.

Here the splendor captures me breathless

for these, are the cliffs of Shalidah Lea.

Hot and sultry air is left behind

for those who toil and sweat

to make their money.

Meanwhile cooling bursts of salty air envelop me

and I embrace the beauty of heaven

I see in the cliffs of Shalidah Lea.

A sight that's forever in my mind's eye,

these sharp, jagged forms hang dangerously

over turquoise fathoms.

My dreams live in the undulating water,



Comforting are these waves

Beneath the cliffs of Shalidah Lea.

Maneuvering, carefully I climb

to my small piece of land.

A supple carpet of moss

my seat,

my heavenly find.

Imagination is born from this crevice

within the cliffs of Shalidah Lea.

My hopes,

as high as these magnificent structures,

My dreams,

lie as far to the end of the sky's azure,

My fears, my worries,


Here civilization and time do not hinder me,

for who I am and will become I discover

at the cliffs of Shalidah Lea.

When the sun sinks to kiss the water's edge,

I sadly realize I must return

to endure bustling people



their way through life.

Not seeing,

not feeling

the beauty I know exists

in these cliffs called Shalidah Lea.

Till tomorrow then,

my solid, understanding companions,

sleep well this summer's night,

for the day's new break

will draw me back.

My friends,

my family,

my cliffs of Shalidah Lea.

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