I Didn't Dream MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I didn't dream at all last night

No erotic fantasies in my nocturnal hours

No frightening tales disturbed my slumber

My mind's eye blindfolded

by the pitch black god of night

I didn't join Bill Clinton for a game of duck duck goose

or play hockey with grandmother's soaking teeth

I didn't sail the seven seas

in a great big green and purple jeep

I didn't let loose the colossal burp

that brought the world onto its knees

I didn't shave Fidel Castro's face

or conspire Barney's fate

I did not save the world last night

didn't feed one hungry soul

just slept there in my bed

with sweet nothings and darkness

dancing in my head

Nothing happened at all last night

or at least not in my room

If someone asks

"What have I done today"

My response would be

"Absolutely nothing -

and it's all a dream come true."

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