Almost Free

September 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I love you and you let me down
I’m not a princess there is no crown
I can’t believe this, I’m in denial,
That my future doesn’t involve a white dress and an aisle

You told me to trust you and take your hand
I never doubted you I just jumped on command
I tell myself, you left me for no reason
But then I remember how you go with the season

As I stand here alone, trying to think of what I did wrong
But in the back of my mind knowing you would do this all along.
Here I am sad and afraid, scared of the next boy who comes to take your place
Reminding myself of the disappoint I will soon face

You say your sorry but I can’t forgive you this time
I want to so bad but I guess this part is the climb
I wish you wanted me like I want you
But then again it always take two

This is end I am about to see the sun
In this dark long tunnel, my time with you is almost done
I am slowly going to forget us and your Disney kiss
But life’s about changes and you I will miss

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