Shadow MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Let my shadow bleed on the wall -

freely like blood

running through veins.

Let it inch and crawl around,

inside and out, like a needle and thread.

let it take on its form

Expanding and Elongating

Let it breathe black smoke,

Let it sprinkle fairy dust on their heads.

Let it sing with an outstretched tongue:

Gulping them in its hollow throat.

Let it kick and scream

and whine and holler.

Let it roar - a lioness roar -

scaring them away with its thunder.

Let it distort itself: a mutated figure.

let it waltz like sugar plums

elegance and grace.

elegance and grace.

elegance and grace.

Let my shadow bleed on the wall -

elegance and grace.

Shrinking to the size of a pebble -

rolling down the balcony -

falling down the stairs

into its closet.

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