The Divide MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I was a solitary shoe

No one in the world quite the same, that I knew

My sole was my foundation

My laces were my feelings, they held me very tight

Each night I sat and pondered

I knew something was not quite right

As I discovered the new world around me

I decided I should find

A replacement for that something

I knew I had left behind

My sole was wearing out

My laces came untied

Until one day the missing shoe

Appeared at my left side

My sole was now replenished

For in my heart I knew I had finally found a friend

She retied my tattered laces

The road we walk together I knew could never end


Our path was straight and narrow

Our destination we did not know

No longer were we friends

But as sisters, we were anything but foe

As others came and left

Together were we still

A pair of shoes can't be separated

For it is not in our God's will

At first our soles were pure and simple

We hopped and skipped all day

As our minds and bodies matured

We still had fun laughing, but no longer did we play

As we walked along our simple path

We came across a divide

That branched in two directions

And forced us to leave the other's side


As I continued on my journey

A right shoe no longer by my side

I thought of all the good times past

And my laces came untied

I found no point to continue walking

I decided to take a rest

For something now was missing

The friend I lost would always be my very best

I knew I must keep going

For my feelings I wished not show

The only one who could see through my smile

Was my best friend, she'd always know

For in my heart I knew

Our paths would cross once more

Together we would walk

From her green valley to my blue shore

For now I am again a solitary shoe

Alone in the world thinking of the good times and deeply

missing you

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