I'd Rather Not

September 8, 2009
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Eh I’d rather not,
I’d rather wish upon the stars
And blow out that birthday candle with all the air in my lungs
I’d rather throw a penny in the fountain
And close my eyes at 11:11 to open them to something new
I’d rather knock on hollow wood
And make cheers with the shiniest glasses
I’d rather eat that rusty old can of spinach and see what happens
And gently rub the side of the magical lamp to see what comes out
I’d rather wait for my fairy godmother to come so I can get dressed up
And slowly heel click my sparklingly shoes together
I’d rather follow the yellow brick road to see where it takes me
And wait for the pixy dust to work so I can fly
I’d rather lethargically wait upon my prince for him to kiss me upon my cherry red lips
And wait for him to return with the glass slipper
I’d rather wait to be rescued by the mortal god
And wait to lie upon the flying carpet
I’d rather search for Atlantis the lost city
And climb to the top of the leafy beanstalk
I’d rather chase the endless moonbeam
And never find the answer to the riddle
I’d rather be the strong breeze that removes every part of the dandelion
And get lost in the labyrinth
I’d rather have a monkey as a best friend
And wait until my nose can’t grow anymore.
I’d rather do all those things instead of that.

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