One Last Time

September 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I am alone,
they say.
Swells of emotion hindered by the mistakes I
make day by day.

I watch as the last of them turn
their back and run.
Thinking I don't watch, that I don't know it's
only just begun.

Their lies infect me, turn
mind against heart.
The blackness of their souls are ripping
my own apart.

The frantic feeding frenzy is hard
pressed to end.
They think they're top of the line, when in reality,
they barely comprehend.

I am the outsider, isolated and nothing
short of insane.
The beasts scream inside of them, but they are numb
to my pain.

A laugh here, a taunt here, all
meant to devastate.
All of you who are better than me, can you
feel my hate?

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