August 26, 2009
By VICTORIA365 SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
VICTORIA365 SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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You were my bestfriend
We was close like peanut butter and jelly
Until you decided to deceive
me constantly with out a doubt in your mind
Then I decided to leave
with out a doubt in my mind

You use to be there for me
and always had my back
now no one has mines so who has yours

Let me backtrack
To that time
Before that

I miss you and you know
You to do.

Lets go back to the time when just use
to have fun

When we
Were sister
Almost blood sisters
It seems as time goes on were moving along
And drifting away
Well I don't want to move
I want to stay were we use to be

So lets backtrack on the times
When we didn't have a care in the world
Through thick and thin you'll always be my girl.

The author's comments:
Make sure you comment and if you like give advise. the harsher the better and i know that there might be grammar mistakes but i can never seem to find them all!

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