August 30, 2009
By poeticflow123 BRONZE, College Park, Georgia
poeticflow123 BRONZE, College Park, Georgia
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I dont want to be
Another teen in the trap
Criticism planning out life for me
Depression making my choices
Sorrow controlling my emotions
Pleasure distroying mind and body
Substance failing my mind along with everybody
Popularity forcing me
Path A or Path B following me
Authority attending to be my source
Decision chasing the reality
Child taunting me
Colors of power and glory stating who i am
Life making life horrific
I dont want to be
Another teen statistic

The author's comments:
this poem means alot to me. I wrote it because I am a teenager who often gets prrofiled in the american world as a failure or someone who is not good enough to make it. Most people think that the reason teens whinde up dead, pregnant, in jaile or on drugs is because they want to be and that people make choices on their own. Peopla do make choices but not everyone wants to be labled as those things. I am one of those teens. I dont want to be pregnant, in jail, on drugs, or even dead. I Want the best life as possible for me and opportunity as every other person in this world.

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