The Inevitable

August 26, 2009
By Katie Anderson BRONZE, Marquette, Kansas
Katie Anderson BRONZE, Marquette, Kansas
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Unyielding Time has set forth its footstep in our doorway
In its wake is the unsightly vision of age, devastation, decay –
Holding us back from the path on which we wish to tread with all our hearts,
all our souls
You wish to follow it, walk along the trail in the forest of youth and prosperity all your life long, but the hope and dream has long deceased and lay away in a vague, shadowy world
Life and Time travel on in the same bending and rushing river,
hand in hand,
ancient allies that have known one another since the first star revealed itself to the galaxy sky
All must come to an end, none can avoid the fate
All must perish into the ground, to fertilize the earth in which new and rising beings are born
Such is the way of Life
Such is the way of Time

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