Already Gone...

August 26, 2009
By Allie Osterman BRONZE, Claypool, Indiana
Allie Osterman BRONZE, Claypool, Indiana
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Gone with the wind,
used to smiling
now only crying.
think happy places,
smiling faces.
but not soon enough.
turned over just
that morning
hearing the wind
blowing through the winter
bare trees.
birds chirping praises
to the LORD
animals coming out to visit the
unkind world.
then everything
even the wind
making you stop
to think about that unkind life.
the unclean life.
before you thought of this man.
the man that changed
Who is that man?

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the death of my uncle Bub. it just makes you stops and think that life eventually does come to an end. Somtimes before others want it to happen. he was the best uncle anyone could ever ask for. and his 4-5 year old granddaughter said baw-paw is with jesus now and hearing that from little noelle was the hardest thing to understand. but this poem should relate to many many many people so thank you for reading this poem!! i hope it touvhes and inspires you to write..

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on Sep. 4 2009 at 2:50 pm
LittleBritt PLATINUM, Washington, New Jersey
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raw. and touching. hardest thing to write about. you have guts.

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