blind,deaf and dumb.

August 25, 2009
By "Hope" BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Hope" BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I woke up one day and noticed I couldn’t hear or see and my brain was not functioning right I couldn’t quite understand wondered around wondering how this could happened to me. I could not see so I sat to ponder what became of me and then I felt a ach in my heart and remember I shielded myself from the sight of him hearting me for now I could see and the sound of him hearting me for now I could hear the understanding that I did this to me for now I could comprehend that I did this to me...and all of a sudden I could not see and only hope that I could not hear what ii tried to hide from me.

The author's comments:
This piece is about a girl who mentally shield her body from the hurt she was feeling from a boy that hurt her..she wakes up everymorning wondering whys shes like that and then remeber why she mad her self like this and the repeats it.

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