Innocent Tears

July 28, 2009
By Anonymous

Tears rushed down her cheeks.
He has been doing this for weeks.
Was it wrong?
She couldnt let this go on.

Her mom looked so happy with him, though.
She couldnt tell her.
Can she let this go?
And just live with her hurt?

She couldnt take it anymore....
Would her mom believe an eight year old girl?
She was going to have to do something.
She needed to just keep trying.

Doing her best to be strong,
She calmly told her mom.
The tears came once again.
Her mom had listened.

She watched as he got it.
A smile appeared through the stream.
She was free now.
This has to be a dream.

The police were on their way.
She had nothing left to say.
Her mom wrapped her in a hug.
Right then, she felt so loved.

He tried to get away.
But the police rushed that day,
Found him jumping off a cliff,
And took him away.

He sits alone in his cold cell.
Never getting any mail.
Will anyone ever forgive him?
He didnt think he put her through hell.

He tries to forget what he did last may.
But guilt overcomes him each day.
He stole a little girls innocence.
Why he did it, didnt make sense.

He always thought she would never tell.
She was so shy.
Now he is sitting in prison..
With a story he will never tell.

That girl was stronger than he thought.
She didnt say a lot.
But she wont take anything from a man.
She will always, and forever stand.

The author's comments:
Well, this is my story.

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