To My Antagonists....

June 2, 2009
By B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
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You know what?
Stick stuff in my hair!
What do I care?
What is public humiliation,
As much as getting revenge?
You stupid zombies!
Why can't you understand?
It's just the thirst for blood
That makes you demand...
That last shred of dignity,
My last shard of hope.
I can turn it all against you,
Or I can walk away.
Putting your future in my hands is not a wise thing to do...
Or don't you understand?
Violence or embarrassment,
Is not the best way of handling self-loathing.
Remember, my inferiors, the uneducated,
It's a very unwise thing to do.
Remember this -
As you think of me.
But wait -
Do you think?
Is this where the issue lies?
O! The stupidity!
Your stupidity!
It brings sadness to my countenance.
O! of the lowest of fools you are,
To the lowest of pigs shall you be cast!
Roasted or grilled,
What do you prefer?
Always remember -
Putting your future in my hands is a very unwise thing to do...
Even for a zombie.

The author's comments:
I hate teenagers!! They're so mean and I don't understand why they need to put others down in order to feel like they're ok. I mean...What? So this is my way of striking back. I could tell the teachers or a counselor, but I'm a private person, and I don't like doing that.

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