Where I am From

June 1, 2009
Where I am From

I am from empty rooms,
Things spilled everywhere,
Messy areas,

And tissues all over the floor.
I am from a little backyard,
Pulled up grass clumps,
An empty tissue box,
And no fun toys that are no fun.

I am from little houses on the street,
No one outside,
Creaking floor boards,
And large fences around every house.

I am from “shut up and go away”,
To you’re a horrible child, and you’re worthless,
And bringing down my ability to believe in myself.

I am from little dinners at any time,
No family dinners,
And food flying around in vicious fights.

I am from my brothers and sisters,
My mom who used to be,
And my dad that freed me.

I am from my one and only teddy bear,
Who was my world in a bad moment,
To my family photo of my family,
That reminds me of a joined family,
The one that is broken into so many pieces now

I am from a torn family,
A broken heart
And a damaged life,
Which was once a part of me.

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love_music_life said...
Sept. 22, 2009 at 9:14 pm
This is so sad but amazing!
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