A Black Shift Cult

August 15, 2009
By SimoneK. SILVER, Harrison, Arkansas
SimoneK. SILVER, Harrison, Arkansas
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\"The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds, the pessimist fears this is true\"-Caberto

How is it (I wonder) in the world
Where there is a yellowy-orange sun and
Cotton candy flavored lollipop blue sky?
It must be better than the dark corners of the cave
I crawled out of to meet you.
And then you told me to evolve, but
Haven’t I already?
I can tell you are disgusted with me and
I don’t know why, for I try to be like you.
Sophisticated and gleaming with higher culture.
Your own cotton candy blue eyes tell me everything.
Your beautiful hair could be spun into gold
And the world would be wealthy, but you hoard it.
So maybe I understand why you despise
A selfless cave creature such as me, hiding my hideousness
Beneath a black shift so as not to be burned
By your intoxicatingly bright world.
The shading goggles I strap onto my eyes are barely
Enough to keep them from bursting into flame.
It really quite saddens me that we cannot
Join worlds for the insensitivity of you and the others.
I’m not asking you to become me for
That is quite impossible.
You are a child of the sun and I of the night.
I just want us to coexist and to learn
From each other what we could learn no where else.
But you tilt that pert nose in the stifling air
And proudly display your ignorance on a pedestal.
I’m sorry you ignore me, but not that I tried
For I will keep trying to plant that seed of
Tolerance in a shuttered mind.

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