I Am the Tissue

August 15, 2009
By coletttte BRONZE, Hawthorne, New Jersey
coletttte BRONZE, Hawthorne, New Jersey
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Men are insensative,
when it comes to love.
Once they catch the cold,
they cling to it.
They skip class for it.
They become very weak
because of it,
but they don't try to lose it
they're over it.

They blow the last bits of it
into the tissue that they have
been clinging onto
since they caught
the cold.
They never let that tissue go-
until now.
They don't throw the tissue away, though-
the slobs-
no, they leave it
on their bedside.

And the tissue sits.
It waits for the cold to come again.
Hoping he will cling to it again,
but he won't-
he won't catch the cold,
not again,
and by the time he does
there will be a different tissue, and yet
he plays with the tissue,
and when he finds a dry spot,
he only uses it.

-but he doesn't catch the cold again

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