a mosquito's soliloquy

August 23, 2009
By joismygoddess BRONZE, Lattingtown, New York
joismygoddess BRONZE, Lattingtown, New York
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Ah! What joy!
The fresh, the quick
The flush of fleeting flight!
To catch a glimpse of paradise!

The flesh so plump
So pink, so bright
The lustful tongue
The tempting bite

I'm overcome
I swoop and land
Upon that skin
Smooth sun-drenched sand

I prick the seal
Blood bubbles out
I suck, I feast
What a heaven, what a life!
to bask in bloodlove glory
With none but a single bite!

Oh god above!
Oh angels sweet!
Pray never take this joy from me

Whole seconds later
The banquet's stilled
The parasite's fantasy
Has been fulfilled

So grateful am I to my generous host
I feel bad but for leaving
Without thanking my most

So I decide, I'll deposit a gift
He'll carry it with him
If you do get my drift
So with all good intentions
Of a thank-you note jest
I give some malaria
and fly west

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