August 22, 2009
By Jordan Ezra BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
Jordan Ezra BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
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As you lay in your bed of love,
I hope you taste my sweet tears of remorse.
For all you have, and all you will ever have
will be false belief.
If I choose so much as to kiss this world goodbye
Would the scorching sun swallow me up?
When you watch yourself fall,
deeper and deeper into a blanket of lies
one cannot simply pull themselves out.
These tears erase my past happiness,
and all I have to do next
is to follow the path of misery.
I will be able to stand with a spine
and laugh at your little white lies.
The tears that so easily overflow,
will one day run dry.
Just like the veins in my non-existent body.
Breathe love into me,
thats all I have ever needed.

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