August 22, 2009
By likestowriterandomstuff BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
likestowriterandomstuff BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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He waits for the call that never comes,
He waits for the door to open that stays closed all night,
He waits just to hear her voice which he never does,
He waits for an eternity just to tell her that he loves her,
But he never does...

He had his chances, but he never took them,
He would see her on the street, but never looked at her,
He loved her his whole life, but didn't even know her name,
He thinks about her always, but never wants to,
But he really does...

He wants to say something, but he can't,
He wants to tell her, but he doesn't,
He wishes he could, but he couldn't,
He can't live without her, and he doesn't,
So he ends his...

She waits to see him in the street again, but never does,
She wants to ask who he is, because he has always looked in her direction, but never at her,
She wishes just to ask him out for a drink, or dinner, but she can't,
She wonders where he went, but doesn't really care,
Because he never took his chance...

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