Still hope?

August 22, 2009
By Anonymous

the summer is finally ending
i cant belive it's been a year
since i got what i wanted the most
Grade 12, its my last year
I had fun
playing in the sand
partying every weekend with the girls
hanging with the boys everywere
But i just take a step back
i try and irgnore the image staring back at me
but this is one i can not ignore
its in the mirror everytime i look
in pictures
things i strongley regret
can never been erased
but you can move on
the days in the sand
the night we forgot it all
and even the days we let a lil too loose.
they are the ones i;ll always live for
but for grade 12 i'll make it the best year of my life
no more drama causing w****.
i wanna leave this place as a girl who liked to party and was a good friend.
& thats what i;ll do
Grad 2010 ,
i'll be proud of my self for once in my life
i;ll do what i want to .

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