I Can't Believe...

August 22, 2009
By A.N.Whitfield BRONZE, Eastanollee, Georgia
A.N.Whitfield BRONZE, Eastanollee, Georgia
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I can't believe
Every dripping moment
Every brilliant pace
Every intoxicating time
Each treasured memory
Now scott free in a fire
I was tricked,
I was hexed
To romantic expire
Red steel to the heart
Dies, but the foolish thing keeps coming back to life
Only to face the same death again
Yeah, I keep falling in love with cold killers
And I don't know what to do with myself
But I don't want to keep on facing the gun
Don't want to turn cold
But don't want to feel pain
I'm sick of the same repetitive death
(which path do I choose?!)

I've gone insane, but now I'm back from that vacation

Oh well, old trees have to fall
Time for me to let what's dead burn
Each crackling log
Of a romance that killed itself
Love is a suicidal little bleeder, isn't it?
And people say I give up too much.
Ha! I've always been persistent,
I've always been the only one holding the rope
I can't hold up and build a romance by myself
It's a partnership
Well, my partners all leave me hanging
Its okay I guess
Not all of them are that way, maybe some day I'll find an exception...

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