Looking Through the Glass

August 22, 2009
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I feel like everyday is a new chapter, where one journey ends another begins. I've been pondering lately, thinking about this feeling I hold within. I feel inspired, determined, motivated, but I'm unsure if it's enough. When i look at life through the glass, I find it to be tough. I feel that time goes way to fast and I cannot help but think. When I talk to my friends and review my life, I assume I need a shrink. I want to find my place on Earth, what am I to be? The truth is unknown, it can't be found, it's something I cannot see. I strive for perfection, I live for the moment, what am I to do? My future's important, it's been on my mind of which career I would like to persue. I'm tired of feeling I'm not worthy, as if I should give up. Because when I look at life through the glass, I see it's way too tough. I want to be strong and independent. I want to define me. When I write I feel overjoyed, my heart is filled with glee. I want to have hope in the choices I make, but to me that is a challenge. The talent I want and would love to know, I haven't really found it. So I write my words emotions and all, I'm pouring my heart and soul. If god would direct me in the right path, I think I might be whole. Cause when I look at life through the glass, I realize that life's too tough, but any obstacle I want to overcome is just to gain some luck.

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Salina C. said...
Nov. 13, 2009 at 1:59 pm
Please tell me what you think! =) Thank you.
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