August 21, 2009
By Katherine Copper BRONZE, Bellaire, Texas
Katherine Copper BRONZE, Bellaire, Texas
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Snip, Brush, color, shape, thin, result = fake
What do we see?
Constantly bombarded by fakes
Look at those magazines. What do you see?
An unmatchable beauty? Flawless skin? Perfect Teeth?
They are fake
Look at the magazine covers the models have no pores their skin is perfect.
Again Fake

Snip, brush, color, shape, thin, result = fake
You take beauty advice from these flawless models
Why? Why?
They are not perfectly beautiful.
You are though inside and out.

Stay true to you, the beautiful you
You are not sniped, brushed up, or shaped by Photoshop
You are beautiful

Love yourself, love each other
Build up don’t tear down
Love your body inside and out
Smile, Love and Believe

The author's comments:
Magazines on the shelfs advertise this flawless person. And we know that that cannot really truly be a natural way to look. Take pride in yourself you are beautiful!

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