Supposedly Sorry

August 21, 2009
By glitternshyne SILVER, College Park, Georgia
glitternshyne SILVER, College Park, Georgia
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Sorry doesn't bring her back.
Sorry doesn't defuse the anger welling inside.
Sorry doesn't erase the memory of what could have been.
Sorry will not stop the offense.
Sorry won't keep me from swinging my fists, high and then low.

It causes anger to amplify.
It revives the wretched thought buried so deep.
It burns away the forgiveness beginning to form.
It feeds the sorrow nipping at the soul.
It tickles the demon that was once suppressed and causes it to surface.

You say "I'm sorry" when I've lost someone dear.
You cry with me.
You act like you care.

You say "I'm sorry" when you've done something wrong.
You're regretful for a while
Then the feeling's gone.

You say "I' sorry"
As if I'd like to hear it.
As if you think I need it.

Your sorrys mean nothing.
Their just empty, empty words.
Useless, useless words.
Keep your damn sorrys.
I have no use for them.

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