my love

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

i loved him, more than anything
every time i saw him
my heart skipped a beat
he was the one for me
i knew it from the start

As moths past i only fell for him more
i thought we were inseparable
my heart ached for him: when we were apart
when we were together he swept me off my feet
i convinced myself he was the one

as the year came to the end
i still loved him: at least i thought
my mind was begging for something new;
but my heart ached for him

i was stuck in the middle
of something i loved and something i need
as i stood there splitin 2
i thought about the past year
it was that moment that i realized
my love, was there for me through thik and thin
he stood beside me and took my hand
i told myself i love him but,
my heart ached for him
as my mind begged for something new

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