May 26, 2009
Writing a letter to cell block eight
Still trying to get the sad story straight
Scribing pacifying lies
"I'm sorry if this arrives too late"

She asks me to brighten the gray
To shed light on a jailbird's day
Though I do not feel so inclined
I send her drawings anyway

She writes about our memories
Which I term awkward travesties
of nights with atoraxia
via illicit amenities

Of smoky rooms and copper wire
Broken glass tubes and acrid fire
Statutory infidelity
Among four lesbians-for-hire

Of weekends spent in a dank daze
Of schitzo fits and purple haze
Of drinking games in trailer parks
And perverse affection before-plays

Its obvious that she used me
She pretended I was someone else
- the woman who brought me to be

This is the last letter she'll get
I will no longer pay another's debt
This is the last she'll hear from me
And I mean that sincerely.

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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 23, 2009 at 5:22 pm
whoa. uhm, very deep filled will lots of emotion. very sad, but so powerful. i really like it. you gave the reader a lot to think about with each stanza..i like those poems :) wow, just a great job here. 5 stars! check out and comment/rate some of my work, i love the feedback. keep writing :)
Fangz replied...
Sept. 9, 2009 at 12:43 pm
Thanks for the feedback. I made a mistake when posting this one; in the second to last stanza the second line is missing, which is "the sex was had vicariously"
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