Baby of Mine

May 21, 2009
Baby of Mine

Yomalli Contreras-Ortiz

I was born to be a mother
That is all I ever heard
But children were not in me
I was not that fortunate
One day I was walking through a forest
When I saw some ruins
I was planning to walk by
Then I heard a little cry
My heart told me to go and see
My soul told me my time had come
I jumped through all the rubble
And there I saw him
A little baby boy
He looked at me with violet eyes
I felt like I was being searched
I rushed to pick him up
And continued my way home
Now I have my little baby
Tears jump to my eyes
I finally have, a baby of mine

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Yomalli C. said...
Aug. 27, 2009 at 10:56 pm
haha i wrote the poem and can't even spell the word class
sorry random
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