Summer Snapshots

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Lake-water slaps against an ancient shoreline.
The sound echoes;
farther than the beach,
farther than the playground,
farther than the acres of forest.
Towering trees reach up to the skyline,
ever so tall,
ever so gallant,
ever so wise.
Houses long to collapse as the unforgiving sun grows hotter.
Little kids skip around on the plush, green grass;
to happy to notice the humidity and strain of the day.
They tease the sprinkler, fall down, laugh, and smile at the world.
Old folks sit in steady lawn chairs
bundled up in quilts,
pretending not to realize it’s another summer,
another year to get older.
Teenagers skateboard on ramps,
rollerblade across streets,
bike to friends’ houses.
Their happiness is present only if no work is assigned.
College students aren’t as carefree as toddlers,
and certainly aren’t as work-free as teens.
Like sunflowers,
they’re planted outside a campus working.
Just studying
for another exam;
to pass it.
Acrobatic birds swerve past the trees doing flips in the air- a finale of a dance.
Only one doesn’t enjoy the performance.
A black tail belonging to a jealous cat flicks back and forth at a steady tempo.
In annoyance, the tabby looks from inside it’s prison at the feathered creatures,
to catch one.
Competitive marathoners jog past keeping their eyes on the treasure ahead;
nothing interferes with their goal.
Staring out of my window I think,
Summer, every year you come around with fiery passion, I like that about you.

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