May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

You Never thought twice about your heavy drinking
that’s probably why your minds always steady drifting
While your bodies being numbed by the shots of cocaine
that’s Pulsing, and streaming there way through your veins

You Begged and Pleaded for one last hit
Just couldn’t get enough, just needed a fix
One hit quickly turned into six maybe seven
Took off in your ride, about a quarter to eleven

Weaving in and out of dark empty roads
Racing past stop signs that you couldn’t decode
Windows rolled down, and the music blasting
Vision messed up the scenes contrasting

didn’t think once you decided to speed
didn’t see the little kid that was crossing the street
Too high, and drunk you lost your grip
And Into unconsciousness you started to slip

You lost control, let go of the wheel
didn’t hear the sickening sound of twisted steel
didn’t feel the blazing fire or the red hot heat
didn’t see that kids body lying limp on the concrete

didn’t see the consequences of the actions you’ve chosen
didn’t even think twice of the life that you’ve stolen
You woke up the next week feeling dizzy but alive
And found out later about the kid that didn’t survive

So now you think twice, finally using your head
But you still feel at fault, coz its not you whose dead
Broken pieces of your life waiting to be rebuilt
And each one scarred with that one nights guilt

The author's comments:
made it for my health class chyeeaa

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