Rewind MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I can't change the past but I wish I could,
If there was a wheel to turn backI most definitely would,
I made some bad choices and mistakes,
Instead ofbeing rebellious I should have just waited,
I can't believe how stupid Imust've looked,
now look at me it seems like I'm hooked,
Why am I writingthis? I guess to get it off my mind,
I know this ain't real but I wish therewas a button that read
Doing the things that I did has cost me someconsequences,
But the Lord knew that I couldn't take care of theexpenses,
I'm not looking for a way out, just a way to start over,
But Iknow it's too late to just get up and recover,
Even though I chose to take theworries of a woman,
In a sense I'm still a child,
Even my mother says I'vegone wild,
I wish I could find a button maybe it's in my mind,
That reads: REWIND

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