May 20, 2009
By Jennifer Vibert BRONZE, Unionville, Connecticut
Jennifer Vibert BRONZE, Unionville, Connecticut
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In Greek legend I am Hippolytus
The son of Theseus and Hippolyte or
Her sister Anitiope, keep up
And yes my possible moms are sisters
Yeah my dad got around
Upon my so called mother Hippolyte’s death
Theseus my father, keeping up?
Married Phaedra who then becomes my stepmother
The daughter of King Minos
Are you keeping up, getting the names?
So anyway the goddess Aphtadite
Inspired Phaedra to you know want me
I unlike my father am
A one women man, my women Arthemis
I told Phaedra I wasn’t into her
So she then hung herself
She left a note claiming
I raped her I know right weird
Rape her haah she’s deranged.
So Theseus who’s my father, her husband
Banished me using a wish
From Poisedon, he prayed for my death
So are you getting this?
So my father’s wish was then fulfilled
A sea monster rose up,
Causing my horses to get scared and
Drag me to my death
Feew did you take all that in?

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