Less or no Boundaries: A Tale About the Like

August 20, 2009
By Hayley Mars SILVER, Los Angeles, California
Hayley Mars SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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Once there was a man who was obsessed with himself; he looked at his reflection every night.

He loved to be love ad so had a lover who loved him as any lover might.

when this man was dozing off one summer day, he was gazing at himself by a lake.

all of a sudden something startled him and so he became awake.

it was a fair young lady; as fair, he thought, as he;

who was a child of nature, standing by a tree.

she did not ask for his name, for she knew him all too well.

as such, she put him up to a challenge, no need for a spell.

the lady told him to listen here, for you shall learn about being kind and caring.

to which he responded: I know all there is to know, but do continue sharing.

she began to speak but he persisted: for I am the greatest there is,

Besides myself, o person is a more fantastic wiz.

and, I'll have you know that no one is better than me -

no one smarter, hotter, or more capable of happy jubilee.

for, he continued, i am an existentialist, the happiest one at that.

but the lady smiled, for she knew that he was just a conceited brat.

then she said, since you are done, I shall show you of what you are not capable.

what is this, the man replied, to do everything I am able!

you must first, she said, steal a young boy's shoe, never mind the child's cry.

the man did this exactly without questioning as to why.

see, my lady, I am the best, and could do this forevermore.

'cause Im capable of everything, see, i could do missions galore!

now, said the lady, you must steal that young girl's precious book,

then burn the thing and hide its ashes in a secret nook!

he did that much, and then came back to where the Lady nature stayed.

she told him to bring here your lover, where she shall be laid.

then, quickly, she told him: this is your final test to show of what you are not capable.

to which he responded, of everything I am able,

for i am the hottest, the strongest, the best.

I am the greatest - I stand out from the rest.

I look upon myself all night and all day.

is a man better than me - no way.

then do it now, said the Lady, and do it fast.

after all, she thought, he love didn't ever last.

so the man brought his lover to that place,

love and affection shone on her face.

now, said the Lady, lie down your love

and stand over her - stand above.

hold your knife up, now hold it high,

do what you're capable of - watch her die!

The man was horrified and shocked, he was -
was he capable of this?

of killing the woman who looked forward to his every kiss?

The Lady watched, smiling at him, hoping that this was what he would do -

and asking him, now have you got a clue?

is someone, suddenly, more important than you?

Are you not capable of this?

The man let out a hiss!

of everything I am capable!

To do anything I am able!

with that said, and the the Lady's horror, he stuck his knife through his lover's heart,

at that moment, she died, and they would be forever apart!

is this, the Lady cried, your notion about the transience of life?

where one ends things with selfishness, thereby causing tremendous strife?

this is the end, and of course I was right, though it is too much to bare -

what you are not capable of - you lack the capacity to care!

to care about anyone, apart from yourself, is the thing you lack the most!

Constantly, you speak of yourself, you talk and talk and boast!

Still, the man did not look at his lover's broken heart

he didn't see it - didn't look at it torn apart.

the Lady continued - I'll put upon you, a curse!
you shall become an iphone. as a cell phone has a nice, fancy appearance, so does the man. Down, though, it is just a machine, composed of ugly parts. they do not care, nor do they love.

They are cold, when weather is wold to them, and hot when weather is hot.

caring is the one thing that it most certainly is not.

The author's comments:
This tale was written by a silly girl who was blinded from boundaries and so bought an undeserving person an iphone. Only after it was given to him, did i realize how inappropriate it was to have given it to him. So out of spite, or a need for irony and humor, she, namely, I wrote this - i blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality once more by turning him into an iphone (ha! that is what you get!).

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