Her Tears

August 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Her tears tell a story of pain. She tries to hide the pain away btu she can't. She's been through so much that she can no longer let her heart be loved. Everytime some one tries to show her love all she can do is smile and walk away.
Her tears the ones that tells stories of her life ,the ones that show how she feels and expressions from the heart. Them sad lonely tears can't be wiped away no more. Why does she hide ?
Can anyone help her ?
Her tears the ones I tried to wipe are the ones I cry with. Them tears full of sorrow and deciet. Them tears the ones that water in her eyes. The tears that run down her face when she's held.
Her tears. My tears. Our tears. She yearns for someone to wipe her tears away from her face. The tears she cries are the tears I wipe.
The more her tears fall the more joy she feels inside . She been holding in so much , that now she has to let GO!
She lets go all her tears,but there is only a few that she cannot let go. Her tears come from a long way. And they been throughso much, how can she bare these tears that make her feel so low,so unloved! How can she ? Someone tell me ?
Her tears are the ones that tell her story the ones that she will share one day n be happy . Those are the tears that i touched with my hand and hold on to. Those tears are HER TEARS. And they do TELL HER STORY.


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